Who are The Four Symbols?

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Table of Contents

I – Where did the Four Symbols come from?

II – Who are the Four Symbols?

A – The Horizontal Way

a – From Left to Right

b – From Right to Left

c – Descend and Ascend

B – The Vertical Way

a – Descending

b – Ascending

C – The Cycle of Life

a – The Life Process

b – The Human Being’s Process

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I – Where did the Four Symbols come from?

Born in the French Alps, Patrice moved to Monaco in 1984, where he married and had 3 children. At that time he was a physical education teacher. In 1991, they bought a new house in France, approximately one hour from Monaco.

In August 1993 they made plans to live in the new house by the beginning of 1994. They spent the weekdays in Monaco and stayed in the new house during the weekends to prepare for the move.  The last weekend of October, his wife came home teary-eyed after she visited friends in the neighborhood.

Patrice noticed and asked her, “Are you okay?  Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?”

She responded that she would rather talk about it later because guests were about to arrive.  That night, Patrice asked her again and she avoided the conversation entirely and told him they would talk about it later.

For one week, Patrice was left wondering until on Friday morning, he couldn’t handle it anymore and he needed to know what was the matter.

Patrice said to her “It is not your responsibility to decide what I can or cannot handle.”

She told him, “I need to think about it.”

That afternoon, she came to Patrice and said, “I want to see other people.”

Patrice responded, “It’s your life, do what you want to do.”

At that moment, Patrice confronted his biggest fear — being abandoned.  He started to feel a surge of all his energy from within, moving in all directions.

Each day that he tried to hold on to the past, new situation emerged that pushed him to continue letting go.

When Patrice accepted and surrendered to the turmoil, his energy calmed down and he knew he was a different person.

This “spiritual emergency” took seven days.

Soon after, Patrice went to a bookstore to find an explanation of what was happening to him.  A book on spirituality grabbed his attention.  He began to work with the book and the configuration of the first symbol,

The symbol of Manifestation Map1 Color, took form.

 For the next two years, Patrice concentrated on understanding more of this symbol.

From November to December 1995, Patrice was given the opportunity to take time off.  Suddenly, in a period of three days, he received information about the second symbol,

The symbol of Formation. 003-Child Color

 Before the end of his retreat, he received the last two symbols,

The symbol of Creation 002-Head Color

 and the symbol of Emanation. 001-Unity Color

This “spiritual receiving” took 40 days.

By the way, his retreat took place at a 5-Star Resort in France, not in the mountains alone with a bowl of rice.

Soon after his retreat, Patrice’s divorce from his wife was finalized.

Patrice came to the US in October 1996 and since then he has continued to deepen his understanding of The Four Symbols.

NOTE: Evolutionary development of The Four Symbols from Manifestation to Emanation.

Observe how the Four Symbols from Manifestation to Emanation develop gradually from horizontal and vertical lines (like a box) to more rounded connections.

The passage from Creation to Emanation results from folding the graphic Creation in half from bottom to top — As above so below.

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II – Who are The Four Symbols?

They are a representation of the Human Life on all levels.

The Four Symbols can be seen in two ways: Horizontally and Vertically.


Chart-011a-Desc-Asc-Cycle of life.xlsx

Let’s look at both the horizontal way and the vertical way.

A – The Horizontal Way

From the horizontal perspective we can look at the Four Symbols either from Left to Right or from Right to Left. As we move horizontally through the 4 Symbols, we descend and ascend through each of the 4 Symbols.

The horizontal process helps us to understand how the 4 Symbols are physically inter-connected.

a – From Left to Right

Chart-010-Horizontal-Life-Left to Right.xlsx

The path from Left to Right of the Four Symbols (Manifestation to Emanation) is illustrated by the development of the human being into an individual.

Let’s clarify what we mean by individual. Our definition of being an individual is to be yourself within the larger group of humanity. It is to be like a drop of water – many drops create the ocean. The drop is individual and a part of the whole.

b – From Right to left

Chart-010-Horizontal-Life-Right to Left.xlsx

The path from Right to Left of the Four Symbols (Emanation to Manifestation) is illustrated by the movement of energy from unity into a physical human being.

NOTE: As a human being we constantly move back and forth (left and right) along the path of the 4 Symbols.

c – Descend and Ascend

Using the symbol of Manifestation we show how the descending and ascending processes work.


Right to Left and Descending are the same process. We start at the symbol of Emanation and we move down to the symbol of Manifestation.

Left to Right and Ascending are the same process. We start at the symbol of Manifestation and we move up to the symbol of Emanation.

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B – The Vertical Way

The Vertical path differs from the Horizontal path in the connections between the Four Symbols. Like the Horizontal way, the Vertical perspective can be seen in two ways: Descending and Ascending.

The vertical process is analogous to a tree growing. As the tree grows upwards, the trunk gets bigger and the roots spread. As human beings grow into individuals our foundation and our ability to deal with life strengthen.

a – Descending

Chart-011-Descending-Cycle of life.xlsx

The Descending path of the Four Symbols (from Emanation to Manifestation) is illustrated by the development of the single cell into an entire human being.

b – Ascending

Chart-011-Ascending-Cycle of life.xlsx

The Ascending path of the Four Symbols (from Manifestation to Emanation) illustrates how the human being develops into an individual.

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C – The Cycle of Life

The Descending and Ascending paths of the Four Symbols are connected together into a cycle – the Cycle of Life. The human being’s process retraces the initial Descending path started as a single cell.

Chart-012-001-Cycle of life.xlsx



It is essential to understand that while similar, the configuration of the Descending process is different from the Ascending process.


Chart-013-V-Cycle of life.xlsx


The Birth process follows the descending order of the 4 Symbols and takes a very short time to go through all four passages (initiations). We don’t have a choice with the birth process, we just have to go through it.

The Human Being’s process retraces those steps but in ascending order and takes a long time to go through all four passages (initiations). We have a choice (duality) with the human being’s process. What will stop us is FEAR.

a – The Life Process


Another way to describe the Life process is to say that we descend from the single cell into a human being and then we move along our life path toward becoming an individual.

It’s interesting to see that our Life process takes on the shape of the letter “L” (L for Life).

b – The Human Being’s Process


As human beings move horizontally from one symbol to another, we also move vertically from one level to another. The ascending and the horizontal processes are integral to each other and cannot be separated.

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