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Concept of the book

When the baby is in the womb (interior) everything is provided.

When the human being is living on the Earth (exterior) everything is also provided.

Is this your experience? What makes you feel differently?

Fear stops us from seeing that everything we need is provided to us on the Earth.

Where does the fear come from?

It comes from the birth process — the separation.

During the birth process the baby goes through different stages – first the head appears, then the baby coughs and cries and finally the umbilical cord is cut.

The baby cannot cut the umbilical cord alone. Someone else has to cut it. This last feeling — being cut off from the mother — is the first feeling we have to face in our life. We are afraid of the exterior world because we think that someone will cut us off. We don’t put our trust into our interior world which is the source of our strength.

As a baby, we are also completely dependent on others. Because of this, we end up struggling with issues of dependency, often throughout our entire life.

In order for us to become individuals, we need to develop a healthy relationship with dependency.

How can we look inside ourselves instead of looking outside ourselves?

 By retracing the stages of the birth process.

It’s like the story of Tom Thumb, where he filled his pockets with white pebbles gathered from the side of the river and then, as he walked to the deepest forest, he dropped the pebbles one by one. Because of this he was able to find his way home.

By returning to our interior self, we can understand and face the exterior world with ease.

This book explains the first steps each of us needs to take to face our own fear.

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