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A note from Patrice Mattelon

Perhaps the information in this site is simply remembered from a previous lifetime (or lifetimes). However, I believe that I have received this information to share it, to use it to first understand my own personal journey, and then to use it to help others understand theirs.

What I know about this work is that it represents the human being’s passage from unity to duality, then back to conscious unity while living in form on the earth.

Since 1995, I have been working with the Four Symbols, only to discover more and more levels within their simple structure. With each day, I discovered that I had to commit to be true to myself and to the knowledge I was receiving. I have to “practice what I preach” or “walk my talk.” I have used the information for myself and offered the information to others.

My goal is to provide you with tools to help you to see and hear differently — to expand and open your awareness of how the Universe works within each of us as we live on the Earth. Everything is about relationship and connection. Your actions affect the world around you.

Our bodies and our experiences are our vehicle for our soul’s evolution. When consciousness is married to useful knowledge, everything is possible. May you use this awareness to help you grow and create the life you hope for.

Linda-198  A note from Linda Roe

I met Patrice in 2005. It was at that time that Patrice began to teach me about The Four Symbols. I love their simple message and have successfully applied their principles many times in my life. Now, before I speak, I ask myself why am I speaking. Is it to prove that I am right? Sometimes I remain silent in a situation. I ask myself why I am remaining silent. Is it because I am afraid to speak? Knowing the answers to these questions helps me to know myself. As I look at others, I know that many people are struggling with these same issues. I hope The Four Symbols help you as they have helped me. I wish you blessings on your journey.

Aissa Field-198  A note from Aissa Field

Working with Patrice on The Four Symbols is so enriching.  It is enabling me to gain a new perspective on how I approach life as well as providing a path to better understanding myself. I hope to keep learning more about The Four Symbols and I hope that Patrice’s work will guide you in rediscovering your inner self.

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